Re: Richard's mystery GEO satellite near Cone Nebula

From: Andy K (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 05:45:11 EST

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    > >      Lat:  37.718537  37:43:6.733N
    > >      Lon:  -122.066474  122:03:59.306W
    > I get Ekran 8   Norad# 13056U   82009A passed at 3:56:04 UT.
    > Shows almost the exact track in photo. Using Guide 8.
    Using Chris Marriott's SkyMap Pro v10 I get Ekran 8 running
    9' north of the flare shown in the photo as shown in the
    attached png screen image [image omitted from post to
    seesat-l, ask me off list if you want it].
    Are we working at the edges of the math models here?
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