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From: Andy K (
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 04:38:57 EST

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    > I was wondering if someone could help in identifying a group of 
    > satelites spotted by an amateur astronomer on March 11th.
    > He reports seeing 4 satelites all in the same field of view in his 9x50 
    > finder scope, travelling N to S, at 3 am cst (about, he's not certain of 
    > the exact time), near M71 (he was involved in a Messier Marathon at the 
    > time).  His location was was 32.47n and 96.42w.  Other observers present 
    > at the time confirmed 3 sats in the field.  Through the period of 
    > observation (about 1 minute) they maintained stable relative positions.  
    > They were not visible naked eye.
    > Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
    The fact that you state "maintained stable relative positions" prob
    indicates a NOSS trio (
    I ran some predictions for the time and place of observations and
    noted two sets, with +/-15mins of 3am CST travelling N-S. However,
    when I placed a 9x50 finder circle on M71 they missed, so not sure
    if these are real candidates or not.
    I have attached a star map showing M71 with a 9x50 finder circle
    and the relative tracks (track times are displayed in UTC not CST).
    [attachment removed on post to seesat-l list, if you really want
    it, please ask off list, thanks]
    I moved the obs time relative to each track time to see if any
    came within the finder circle, but none did. Close, but not within
    Was the finder scope bang on M71?
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