One satellite trailing another

From: Peter Frankland (
Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 20:33:36 EST

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    Hello Everyone,
    Could I please ask for some help in identifying the satellites involved in
    an observation I and several others made?
    Location: Brisbane, Australia (Lat. 27.5 South Long. 153.0 East)
    Time: 10:15 UT 12th of March 2005 (20:15 local time on the same date - 2
    hours 7 minutes after local sunset)
    Observation details:  2 bright satellites (both equal in magnitude about -1)
    apperently in the exact same orbit.  They were seen for 5 to 10 seconds
    moving slowly towards the South-Eastern horizon.  The objects were watched
    until they both faded from view, the lead object fading first and the
    trailing object fading second.  The distance between the two objects was
    approximately 2.5 degrees.  They were first seen at Alt: 56degrees/Az:
    164degrees and faded from naked eye sight at Alt: 42degrees/Az: 148degrees.
    Seen against the background stars,  the pair were travelling from within the
    constellation of Carina and heading towards Crux.
    Secondary information:  I work at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium (see
    the above location details) and was conducting a telescope observing session
    in our domed observatory with 8 guests.  After the telescopic viewing I took
    the guests outside and used my green laser pointer to show off some of the
    constellations when we all saw the satellites as we were looking in the area
    above Crux.  I subsequently looked on the heavens-above web site but there
    was no mention of satellites that bright nor at the time seen.  Neither
    could I find any information about a recent rocket launch.
    Any help will grateful,
    Peter Frankland.
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