Re: Obs 07 and 10th March 2005

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 12:34:43 EST

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    Greg wrote
    Milstar 2 - a difficult one as its nowhere near as bright as Milstar 5.
              Its rather faint at the start of the evening and brightens as
              the night progresses. I have not yet seen any flashing as I
              am too lazy to wait till it reaches opposition to see if
              it flashes.
    Milstar 5 - always reasonably bright - again I have not hung around long enough
              to see if it flashes as the phase angle changes.
    I assume you mean flare:) I have never seen milstar flash, but flare up when it reaches a area
    around 180 degrees from the sun, are a difference of 12 hours Right Ascention from the sun
    position in R.A
    All I can say is I really went wacky, that night, I saw my first milstar flare. 
    And to think I had a crazy idea, that the milstar's would flare up, at the right time of night.
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