Re:Japanese CCD imagery of geostationaries

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 03:43:59 EST

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    Hi Ed and the rest of the group
    Trying to catch up after the Rosetta flyby-weekends are not my best time for 
    Thanks for the posting re Japanese CCD imagery of geostationaries - a project 
    very similar to what Im doing except their telescope is much larger ( and 
    expensive!) than my modest setup. Guess I wont be able to go as faint as they 
    go - my limit at the moment seems to be about 14th magnitude. Im beginning to 
    realise its a much bigger task than I originally anticipated as there are so 
    many objects flying around - pity none of them carry readable number plates!
    At least my images look the same as theirs! Guess the total cost of my setup 
    will provide the Japanese observers with tea/coffee for a year!
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