Rosetta flyby

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 23:57:17 EST

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    Just a short report for the moment - I was able to observe the Rosetta flyby 
    starting at 20hr 00m UT  4th March,when its brightness was about magnitude +12. 
    I was able to track continuously on it, using my COSATRAK system for the next 
    65-70 minutes when I eventually lost it behind some trees. At this time it was 
    already quite a lot brighter - probably around mag 9.   I have still to examine 
    the dvd recording of the pass but should be able to get some good images. My 
    thanks to Mike McCants for sending me the ephemeris for the spacecraft - I 
    initially thought it was only visible over Europe so did not pay much attention 
    to it :-)). At my location the maximum elevation was 28 degrees.
    The spacecraft did not appear to be a constant brightness and every now and then 
    there was a small brightening - maybe a small flash?  Anyway thats the report 
    for the moment.
    Cape Town,South Africa 
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