RE: Soyuz rocket decay (2)

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Thu Mar 03 2005 - 13:02:42 EST

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    Hi, Ted,
    Ted Molczan <> writes:
    > I am considering writing a much simpler program
    I agree that this is an area that could benefit from programming.
    > may have too long a learning curve
    Yes, I've heard this repeatedly.  But isn't there another problem,
    parallel to learning curve, which is the show stopper for most everyone?
    I refer to the probability being too low that your step 3 will have a
    positive result _for a given observer_.  While someone, somewhere in the
    world, is likely to be under a decay track, a single observer is very
    unlikely to be nearby.  Thus, learning curve and repeated failure of
    step 3 both depress observation, in toto, to near zero.  In my own case,
    lack of energy due to poor health plays a major factor, but I imagine
    many are not as enthusiastic as I, making my own situation not wildly
    atypical.  I've been using QuickSat daily (or close) and have downloaded
    SkyMap, but sadly never have jumped thru the learning curve.
    Would the solution be an e-mail service like Thomas Fly's transit
    service?  Even possibly an option within his service?  I read nearly
    every post he sends me.
    P.S.  Is mccants.tle gone?  If so, how can someone with very limited
    energy, like me, most easily replace it?
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