RE: Rosetta Obs

From: Joseph A. Dellinger (
Date: Thu Mar 03 2005 - 13:00:21 EST

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    	This isn't the first time that we've attempted a distant satellite
    and discovered it to be several magnitudes brighter than predicted. As it
    was leaving the Earth-moon system for the 2nd time, J002E3 (the suspected
    Apollo 12 rocket stage) was CCD-imagable for far longer than one would have
    expected based on the predicted magnitudes. We also had the reverse happen
    a few times: J002E3 was predicted to be an easy object, we attempted to image
    it with a good deal of overkill, and saw _nothing_.
    	I really need to get my "final image" of that one online. We were
    apparently the last to image it.
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