Re: Rosetta fly by: about magnitudes

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 10:25:00 EST

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    At 12:50 AM 3/03/05, you wrote:
    >On my question:
    >> > We in Belgium and Netherlands like to try and observe Rosetta
    >> > during its fly-by. Therefore we need positions of this
    >> > spacecraft with respect to the starry sky and predicted for
    >> > our specific locations. Who knows how to obtain these?
    >I got a very helpful reply from Ted Molczan and others:
    >> Go to:
    >I went to this URL and was able to calculate topocentric predictions. They
    >look great.
    >The only thing I missed was specification of stellar magnitude.
    In one or other if not both ESA pages it states that Rosetta will be
    magnitude 8-9 at a range of 10,000Km.
    Just use that rather than trying to do a standard magnitude
    Tony Beresford 
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