Old Elset Observation

From: Brad Young (brad.young@domain-engineering.com)
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 21:57:46 EST

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    Saw what appears to have been 1972-058-J (Landsat 1 deb) at 7h54.5m -17.9
    deg from my location at 8:49:15 CST on 3/28/2004(2:49:15 UT, 3/29/2004),
    while observing NGC 2479 at 73X in my Meade ETX-125 (that's how I know the
    position so exactly). Couldn't get a second position, but a thought this one
    might help since the current elset appears to be over 30 days old. It was
    moving PA ~ 170 and was rather bright at 8m, and steady in magnitude. I
    followed it manually for about 15 seconds, which was easy since it was quite
    low and slow by this point.
    Brad Young
    Tulsa, OK, USA
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