Nice ISS pass

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 05:01:53 EST

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    Hello all,
    Observed a nice ISS pass here yesterday evening near 19:40 UTC. This pass
    was nice due to the circumstance of the nice celestial "composition"
    involving ISS passing through a field with several objects close together:
    Mars, the moon, Venus & the pleiades.
    Upon ascending from the western horizon, ISS passed a bit east of bright
    Venus, and then just west of the moon & Mars, litterally grazing the
    Pleiades, while increasing in brightness slowly.
    There was some publicity given to this pass and a similar one the previous
    evening by Dutch meteorologist Jacob Kuiper, so a lot of amateur astronomers
    here hhave been looking at, and photographing these ISS passes. It was funny
    to compare a few of those and note the parrallax of the trail between
    different locations in the country.
    - Marco
    Dr Marco Langbroek
    Leiden, the Netherlands
    52.15896 N, 4.48884 E (WGS 84)
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