ISS close encounter with Saturn

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 18:38:30 EST

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    Thanks to some great last minute work by Tom Fly (ISS alerts) and
    predictions from Arnold Barmettlers I was able to capture a few
    frames of ISS passing very close to Saturn tonight.
    Conditions were very poor.In fact  I was totally clouded out.
    Had it not been for the fact that I had set up the telescope about an hour
    earlier , during a clear spell , its unlikely I would have found Saturn ,
    even with GoTo.
    Using full gain and brightness settings on the camera , the ringed planet
    was just visible , on screen , through the murk.
    With just a few minutes to go , Tom predicted that I would be a couple of
    hundred metres south of centreline , and thats how it turned out.
    Interestingly , Calsky predicted that the station would be in shadow just
    before passing the planet.
     Tom calculated that the complex would be illuminated , just!
    Thankfully Tom was right.
    The negative format animation here             about
    850kb , shows Saturn , top left , with ISS passing just below.
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