Re: Possible daytine deorbit???

From: Skywise (
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 16:53:22 EST

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    Don Ledger wrote:
    > Possibly a bolide?
    > Don Ledger
    > Robert Schuette wrote:
    >> Hey Folks,
    >> I'm curious to know if there were any daytime satellite re-entries 
    >> occurring today. I think I witnessed one and I'm not sure. My location 
    >> is Portland Pennsylvania USA, coordinates are 40.923N by 75.097W. I 
    >> don't think it was an airliner or commercial aircraft. The contrail 
    >> was almost pencil point thin and the object was going too fast for a 
    >> commercial aircraft. Any thoghts or ideas on what this could be???
    >> Bob Schuette
    I have found a picture of this unkown reentry while taking a trip
    on the Coast To Coast website.
    The OP's message said "today" and the timestamp on the message is
    for March 11. The description for the images says March 10. Perhaps
    one of them is wrong.
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