From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 02:44:52 EST

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    Morning all
    I recently prepared a short power point presentation for the 2004 meeting
    of the QCUIAG group on the use of videography in satellite tracking. The
    file is about 6 mbytes in size and if anyone is interested it may be found
    click on the EXTRA tab for details and copies of most of the papers
    My paper gives a simplified view of what I do with video tracking but
    unfortunately, due to lack of time, the equipment shown is that what I was
    using about two years ago. Hopefully one day Ill be able to give a more
    dated version.
    I hope to resume normal tracking shortly - after my recent medical problems
    I just seem to be continually "snowed under" with domestic matters so
    hobbies have had to take very much of a back-seat.
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