Re: Geoflashers in europe

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 11:59:15 EST

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    > I must confess that I'm feeling a little envy for all your post
    > following enchanting Apple observation, over the US.
    > Which geoflashers might be good candidates for starting observing these
    > kind of satellites over europe? (North Italy)
    I've felt the same way, but actually most of the flashers
    drift slowly, so in a matter of weeks (or even months) they
    will be visible in Europe.
    One problem is that most drift westward, so it takes longer
    for us to see the "US objects" than v.v.
    Another problem is that in the meantime the Sun's position
    is so changed, that it takes good observations and
    computations (or long observing hours) to know when they
    will flash.
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    -- COSPAR 5918, HAMMARBY, 59.2985 N, 18.1045 E, 44 m         --
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