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From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 23:40:36 EST

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    A teacher I work with asked for help id'ing a satellite.  The "one we saw at WHS"
    refers to an iridium flare a year ago.   We are UT -5 so she saw it a little after
    0 UT March 4 (like 5 hours ago).  I received the email at 0:20UT so it couldn't have
    been after then.  Nothing obvious on heavens above.  Her lat and lon:
    42.27 N
    71.52 W
    Altitude unknown - probably around 100 Meters
    George Roberts
    p.s. I recommend you respond to list - if you reply to me you'll have to go through my
    automated anti-spam challenge procedure.
    I was helping an 8th grade neighbor find the Pleiades tonight --- a few minutes after 7 --- when she, her mother & I all saw this
    HUGE silver flare --- low moving from the west to the southwest.  Any idea what it might have been?  It was about 1/2 as big &
    bright as that awesome one we saw at WHS a couple of years ago.
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