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Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 07:10:20 EST

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    > > > I have been reliably informed that the correct spelling is
    > > > Matroyshka -someone needs to tell ESA!
    > > 
    > > This is incorrect. Correct spelling is Matryoshka (MA as in MAster, TR as in TRansit, YO as in YOrk , etc.), with accent on sylabe "TRYO".
    > > 
    > > In Russian this name is written as MATRESHKA with E with "umlaut", i.e. with double-dot >diacritics above the letter E. Sometimes this double-dot is in printed text ommited (due to >common knowledge of pronunciation of this word to Russians - and in other words too). >Pronounciation of E (without double dot diacritics) is "YE", with double-dots "YO". This is >somewhat similar, as in the case of lete "YA" and "YU".
    > May I add, that the laboratories implied in this ESA program deliberately called 
    > the experiment "Matroshka" ? Close but not exactly as the famous nested dolls.
    > See it more as a nickname for the dummy than a mistake.
    > Best wishes,
    > T. Marais
    You may transcribe Russian words in different ways, cf. eg.
    (coding in UTF-8)
    but there are on ISS two similar experiments, namely Matryoshka-R (R=Russian) - an older project, dummy is inside of SM module - and Matryoshka-YE (YE = Yevropa = Europe), dummy installed on the outside of SM module in the recent EVA (VKD-9 in Russian). Both experiments are in Russian sources (in cyrillics) written as MATRYOSHKA. Therefore, Matroshka used in ESA info is to be regarded as simple transliteration (technicians do not obey exactly the rules of (scientific) transliteration). 
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