Re: Apple?

From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 01:03:29 EST

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    Perhaps I misspoke so I'll try again.
    I realize there may not be any scientific reasons for watching Apple.
    However, since geosynchronous satellites are not hard to spot (especially with
    today's go-to technology), I'm guessing there must be something unusual about
    Apple that would make so many on this list try to observe it.
    Is there something unusual about Apple?
    Thanks again,
    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > Why the interest in observing it, everyone got there own reason.
    > For me, I had found a new geo flasher, so I like to watch it alot:)
    > It's there to observe, so I am observing it. Not a very scientific reason, so be it:)
    > There's my reasons.
    > Kevin
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