Re: J002E3 imaged -- 5 minutes late

From: George Roberts (
Date: Sun Mar 30 2003 - 19:45:35 EST

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    > Succeeded in imaging J002E3 for my first time last night.  I plotted the
    Nice picture!  I wish I had one of those.
    > furthest thing I've seen man-made!  I estimate it was 16.5 mag or slightly
    > fainter.
    I think you made a calculation error.  It looks like you stacked 4 pictures
    togeter, right?  That's why I see 4 images of the moving satellite.  That means
    the images of all the stars have been brightened by a factor of 4X (or 
    about 2 magnitudes?) versus the moving satellite.  That means your satellite 
    is 4 times brighter than you thought or magnitude 14.5 to magnitude 15.
    Another way to think about it is that stacking the images brightened all the
    stars except the satellite.  In order to brighten the satellite you could have
    aligned the pictures so the satellite was on top of itself (tracked the satellite
    instead of the stars) but then you would have 4 sets of each star and they would
    be dimmer.  If you can go back to one of the original 4 images you can make
    more accurate magnitude estimates.
    Anyway, good work!
    - George Roberts
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