Borrego Springs flare shadow etc.

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 23:23:18 EST

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    Observations from Borrego Springs CA within a few
    miles of lat 33.256, long -116.374, altitude est.
    1000'. 3-22 PST = 3-23 UTC.
    For the first time I saw an Iridium flare cast a
    shadow! Predicted mag -6 MMA flare from Iridium 90 ?
    at az 133 elevation 51, sun altitude -17 deg, 19:23:18
    PST = 3:23:18 UTC.
    As the flare approached peak brightness I turned round
    & took a step.
    It helped that the desert sand was light-colored. If
    you don't have sand you could use a light cement
    surface or paper ... It also helped that the flare was
    bright in a dark sky, well after nautical twilight,
    and that I took a step so I could see my shadow move.
    Also ISS flared to about mag -0.5 a few s before
    shadow entry low in the South, thus rivaling Sirius
    and Canopus. About 19:19 PST = 2:19 UTC.
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