Ir 38 a Tumbler?

Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 20:49:35 PST

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    As i was watching a dazzling display of red aurora, we usually have green
    around here, i noted a rapidly flashing object due East, El approx 40 deg.
    It looked like strobes of an aircraft but they vanished after a few seconds
    and it was heading due South. No major N-S air routes here and i didn't hear
    any recent launches from the local airbase. Then the rapid flashes returned
    with some in the negative valves, hard to judge as the aurora was dense and
    then they vanished again after a few seconds. I was busy taking pictures so
    i didn't get exact timings but the flashes were rapid. The only object
    around at that time, 04:16:xx 31 Mar UTC in roughly the same area was
    Iridium 38 #25043 97069. Could this be the same object that was reported
    earlier as Ir 911 Tum?
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