From: Kevin McLaughlin (kevin_m_27804@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:22:22 PST

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    Just following instructions about a little bio info. 
    I live in Rocky Mount, NC USA (35.938N, -77.791W, -5.0
    GMT) and I have recently started observing satellites.
     My small children love this hobby; we have seen ISS,
    STS-98,TRMM, and UARS.  I use J-Pass/J-Track, NASA
    SkyWatch, and Heavens-Above.  I would like to learn
    how to use TLEs/elsets to do my own predictions, and
    ultimately mate my telescope to some software and take
    some pictures.  Thanks already for the great info and
    inspiration.  I won't send a lot of messages unless I
    have something to report.  
    We'll keep looking up!
    Kevin McLaughlin
    Rocky Mount, NC
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