Iridium 54 and Mystery Sat

From: Rush Austin (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 05:47:07 PST

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    Was watching Iridium 54 flare last night on its NW -> SE track.  After the
    flare, I continued watching I54 travel southward.  
    A few seconds after the flare diminished, there was a bright flash just
    North of I54.  About 8-10 seconds later, another flash several degrees
    farther north.  In my periferal vision I could see a dim sat moving on a SE
    -> NW track at maybe 80' elevation.  It continued to flash every 10 seconds
    or so.  I ran my list of 100 or so brightest sats through TrakStar and
    PassScheduler but did not find a match.
    Anybody know what this sat this flasher was?  
    (First time I'd seen a flashing/glinting sat...very cool.)
    Celo, NC
    35.855N  -82.198W
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