Goodbye, Mir

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 18:20:43 PST

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    Please allow me this space to offer my condolences.
    When I saw the video of the Mir fragments on CNN Friday morning, it
    really sunk in.  I see what was probably the main modules flaming across
    the sky.  For years it was a prized abode of space travelers - 104 of
    them.  I imagine a glorious spacecraft when I think of Mir.  When I saw
    those fireballs - it was exactly like I was watching a very close friend
    being killed and in the slow agony of death.  A friend that offered so
    much.  I shall miss my friend.
    CNN should be applauded for the extensive coverage of the death of Mir. 
    It was like Mars Pathfinder all over again.  Maybe the new management at
    CNN has become more space-friendly.  I hope so.  Usually, they are
    getting ready to sign off after the SRB's separate on Space Shuttle
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