Mir reentry visibility from land

From: Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@saic.com)
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 10:15:49 PST

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    Hi All,
    In this story:
    > http://www.idg.net/go.cgi?id=440998
    the following paragraph appears:
    "Bob Citron, founder of the commercial space firm SPACEHAB (SPAB)
    Inc. and a man with 30 years experience in the United States space
    program, believes the chances of seeing anything from land will be
    Either Citron is mistaken, or (more likely) the reporter has
    misquoted his beliefs.  The Mir reentry will certainly be
    visible from Fiji and Tonga, and probably from Nauru, Vanuatu
    and the Soloman Islands (e.g. Guadalcanal) as well.  The "chances"
    of seeing it from land aren't remote; it's the locations themselves
    that are remote.
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