Decay/Debris over Maryland USA?

From: Monroe Harden (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 03:11:53 PST

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    This is a question for those of you who track satellite decay and entry.
    Did anything return to Earth last Wednesday (March 14th) during daylight
    hours (say 7 AM through 4 PM EST) with a possible debris field including Bel
    Air, MD?  The local news reported a strange piece of metal that fell from
    the sky right into someone's house.  It punched through the ceiling and some
    walls and came to rest inside a dresser.  The object was shown on the news
    report, and it looked to be a solid cylinder about 6 inches long and maybe 2
    inches in diameter.  They said it appeared to be a bolt of some sort, and it
    weighed about 3 pounds. No one was home at the time, so there is no firm
    impact time to report.  The news also said the FAA told them there were no
    aircraft in the area to drop this thing.
    So maybe it was a chunk of satellite?  I don't have the exact coordinates
    for the target house, but it is approximately 39.5 lat and -76.25 long, in
    Bel Air, MD, which is just north of Baltimore.
    Monroe Harden
    Belcamp, MD
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