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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 21:46:26 PST

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    At 12:22 16/03/01 , Steve Adams wrote:
    >I already have a question regarding an observation by my partner.  Details
    >are: -
    >Observed from West Melton, Canterbury, New Zealand - through car windscreen
    >while driving.
    >Lat:	-43.517
    >Lon:	127.67
    you mean 172.67 of course
    >Time:	05:50hrs (local NZ Time)
    >Visible for:	5 - 10 seconds approx
    >Travelling from:	North (approx) 45 deg inclination
    >Travelling to:		NNE (approx) visible until about 15 deg inclination
    >Object described as: "as large as the moon and about as bright, moving
    >quickly, bright green in colour and showing signs of a bright orange tail".
    The time interval involved and the angular velocity clearly indicates
    that this was a meteor Steve. Just a nice bright one. Not likely to
    see another one so bright. 
    A section of the Physics Dept of Canterbury University observes meteors
    ( by radar) but wouldnt particularly note such bright ones. Discuss
    it with your local astronomical Society or the RASNZ.
    A re-entrying satellite would have been slower.
    Tony Beresford
    Adelaide, So. Australia
    [public contact for my local Astro. Soc for 26 years]
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