Goodbye MIR from S. Georgia, USA

From: Mark Brannan (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 21:13:03 PST

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    Tonight was one of the best MIR passes I've seen. From what I could tell, it
    was right on time, moving northwest to southeast (0027GMT at 308-deg to
    0032GMT at 152-deg, elevation up to 44-deg at 228-deg), in a dark sky with
    very high cirrus clouds that didn't offer any hinderance. It was moving at a
    prety good clip since it was so low. I was as excited as I was the first
    time I ever saw it, eventually shouting, "Hey MIR! Goodbye good ship!" When
    I said that, a bright flare shone from the craft.
    I was especially glad that I had a chance to share the sight with a friend
    who happened to be nearby and had never seen a sat in orbit. He was very
    impressed and amazed that he could actually see "a spaceship."
    An emotional moment. I couldn't help feeling saddness but happiness too,
    because I could tell my friend that it wasn't just a fluke to see an
    orbiting satillite, he could see many. I said I'd be happy to share
    mankind's progress in space by showing him ISS and other sights.
    Goodby MIR!
    --Mark Brannan
    Thomasville GA, USA
    30-deg 50-min 47-sec North
    83-deg 58-min 36-sec West
    98 meters altitude
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