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Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 07:09:50 PST

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    Ulrich Beinert wrote:
    > > Ulrich, see this other german site of Josef Huber's
    > >
    > > It indentifies this as the anetnna at the end of the truss on Mir
    > I think the image on that site more or less proves it's the antenna. Thanks
    > for all of your help.
    Regarding the image :
    Which is shown with a model "posed" to simulate the orientation.  I have
    spent many hours with plastic models of Mir in an effort to positively
    identify the orientation of my own Mir photos (and the photos of
    others),and I would "interpret" this particular photograph differently.
    Please let no one think that I am in any way being uncomplimentary!  The
    images obtained by Joseh Huber and Tobias Lindemann are MOST EXCELLENT (
    I wish mine were even half as good) and I hope that they grace us with
    many more!
    I have studied dozens (maybe hundreds) of Mir photos and have two
    plastic models to aid my interpretation studies, I even constructed a
    rudimentary 3-d model in Autocad and rotated it in various lighting
    orientations, and I believe that most (not ALL)  "disconnected" bright
    spots are the extended tips of modules or panels emerging from the
    shadows caused by the station itself.
    I have posted a comparison page :
    I have taken an EXCELLENT image by Bob Citron and adjusted the brightnes
    and contrast to less favorable conditions (sorry Bob!) , and it is easy
    to see how some components of the station become disconnected bright
    spots, and others disappear entirely.
    I would not have mentioned it except that based on my studies I would
    have posed the model differently, and I would offer to help anyone with
    the interpretations of their photographs.
    Tom Troszak, Asheville, NC, USA
    35.601 N, -82.554 W
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