Mir obs and notes

From: Jim (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 11:32:09 PST

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    Beautiful -2.4 magnitude transit passing parallel to and off of Castor and Pollux.  These may not be the last
    passes we'll see here in the Midsouth.  Running plots out to the 20th and 28th, I'm seeing numerous excellent
    a.m. passes, hopefully we might catch something within the last few orbits.
    16609 86 017A   8936 E 20010313003906000 18 25 0752876+265236 58 S-024 05
    -2.5 to -3.0 Flash on ascencion near 35d elev. around 00:38:30, when magnitude was around 1.0
    Clear and Dark Skies-------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jim Nix |  Raleigh Springs #8936  35.2131N 89.9354W  90m
                 |  Lim Mag 5.0, not too bad with a -7.6d sun angle, Clear  Sat-tracks.com
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