Best/last Mir pass in Japan

From: Marc Bradshaw (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 05:13:50 PST

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    A brief opening in the otherwise inclement weather we've been
    experiencing lately gave me the privilege of seeing my best ever and
    most likely last ever Mir pass.
    Moving at high speed and little dimmer than the predicted -1.6 (I would
    guess at around mag 0), Mir entered shadow from my location at 09:55:13
    GMT (accurate time). This was some 6 seconds later than predicted. If
    anything I would have thought it would have been early. I was unable to
    get any other reference due to partial cloud and a built up environment.
    Predictions were from Heavens Above at location 37.017N 138.250E and
    derived from this elset:
    1 16609U 86017A   01070.14242499  .00367979  77523-4  39407-3 0  6731
    2 16609  51.6380 315.4217 0008618 119.3543 240.8335 16.09423604861352
    A picture taken of Mir on this pass is available at
    As Mir's final orbit will likely take it across Japan, or at least
    within viewing range, I plan to keep an eye on developments with a view
    to making a video recording of anything that may be visible. I'm a
    relative newbie to this, so anyone with advice/help/pointers feel free
    to mail me. Anything I manage to catch will be made available on the web
    in a variety of formats.
    I hope anyone who hasn't so far manages to catch a glimpse before Mir
    disappears forever. 
    Best regards,
    Marc Bradshaw
    37.028N  138.254E  75M
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