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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 19:03:36 PST

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    > Does anyone know why ISS and MIR could not be
    > combined??
    > It seems the cost of developing new modules and
    > putting them into orbit is far greater than the cost
    > of changing one or both of their orbits ISS & MIR. 
    > Even if the sections where disassembled and parked
    > till needed it might be a great cost savings in this
    > day of the BOTTOM LINE. It might make Russia in the
    > savior now that NASA is 'tightening its belt'. 
    > It is certainly seems worth consideration.
    I agree.  But:
    1)  Are their electrical systems compatible?  If you try to connect their
    electrical systems, it would be highly risky.  Quite catastrophic,
    But there is no reason why their electrical systems must be connected. 
    Mir has its own solar arrays.  I don't think the Space Shuttle is
    electrically connected to the ISS when docked....
    2)  Do the ISS and Mir have compatible docking ports?  They need to be
    connected in some fashion.  Even if the answer is 'no', it shouldn't be
    too difficult to create a docking module to join the two historic
    I think this is doable, even though a lot of people (especially
    Americans, but not myself) think Mir is a piece of junk.  Perhaps it *is*
    junk (I've never been inside, so I can't say), but I still think that Mir
    can still be put to good use.  Unless Mir literally starts falling apart
    and breaks up into pieces, I don't see how it could harm the ISS in any
    If it was up to American NASA, this will never happen.  Even a recent
    docking and re-docking of a Progress with the ISS sent horror and cringe
    down the spine of NASA.
    Who knows.  Maybe Mir will be saved again.  Or maybe Mir, the greatest
    space station built to date, will burn in glory in less than two weeks
    (personally, I hoping that at least a particle of Mir will be recovered. 
    We cannot just let this great object just be no more.)  
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