RE: Satellites Spanning the Sky

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 13:10:07 PST

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    At 21:57 6-3-01 , you wrote:
    >Wasn't this posted a few days ago? I remember reading this, an I was
    >wondering if this is possible to reproduce - the press release only mentions
    >an 80mm lens, but is this with 35mm film, or another format? That panorama
    >is really cool - I'd like to do that too!
    > >
    This press release mentions a Hasselblad, indicating a medium format camera.
    But I guess it can be done with 35mm too. With my 200 mm F/4 I reach magnitude
    12 in 10 minutes, and this image required guiding, which you don't have 
    geosats this way... very comfortable :o)
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