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Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 20:27:17 PST

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    I read the web pages sent by Ron Lee, Tony Beresford and Ed Cannon answering
    my previous mail finding a lot of information about Geo sats. With that
    readings and using some formulas, I got the altitude of Geo sats : 35.869
    Km. aprox. So, I think that is very far to use  binoculars. What I am gonna
    do is to use a reflex camera pointing to the sky (according to latest
    Geo-sats tle's) leaving open the shooter for a couple of hours. According to
    previous mails, due to my low latitud the best days will be from 03/19 to
    03/22 during equinox. My first target will be Geo-sats non-operational
    because there are tumbling although they are higher.I am looking for an
    evidence of "parking" problem along geostationary arc above the equator. !
    Richard Bassan
    Caracas, venezuela.
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