Re: MIR and ISS together

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 11:18:58 PST

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    At 01:32 1/03/01 , Tony Beresford wrote:
    >Fellow satellite observers,
    >Just worked out that at about 1855UT Mar 1,
    >Will have a 1 minute window for seeing both ISS
    >and Mir in sky together.
    >Using heavens-above, Mir somes out of shadow ,
    >heading nearly vertically down in SE,
    >while ISS is making a low angle pass W-E at 20 degrees
    >elevation in SE. 
    This happned on schedule, under a clear sky, observed
    only with naked eye. 
    Tony Beresford
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