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Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 06:20:35 PST

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    Hello all,
    Many thanks to Mark Hanning-Lee for directing me to this list and to the
    sci.astro.satellite.visual-observe group.  Have recently gotten
    interested in identifying just which satellites I see while I'm out
    observing DSO's &c.
    Up to now, I've been downloading the TLE's from the CelesTrak site and
    using the data with SkyMap Pro - this works real well.  The problem I
    run into is if I have no idea which satellite (or satellites) I've seen
    - eg, saw MIR intersect the paths of two other sats in one binocular
    field the other night - I have to load each TLE set, look for
    candidates, load the next, etc.  Often the satellites I've seen come
    from more than one (in this case, three) different TLE sets.
    I've seen mention of the Allsat.TLE in a couple of posts.  Is this
    indeed a TLE data set for all known satellites?  If so, that would be
    wonderful!  Just what I'm needing.
    Another thought, is there anywhere on the web one can search, say by
    entering a RA/Dec range, date, and time and retrieve a list of candidate
    satellites that passed through that area using those parameters?
    I'm new to this, so any help is much appreciated.  What other types of
    observing work is being done?  Any other hints, tips, etc. are most
    welcome.  Thanks again, best regards, and,
    Clear Skies!
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