ICO & SL-12 R/B(Aux Motor)

From: Terminally Tired (Terminally.Tired@bigpond.com)
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 09:01:47 PST

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    If Mr Harro Zimmer and his MPM calculations turn out to be correct: -
    >MPM delivers with the ELSETs 00072.047... - 00072.558...  the decay on
    >12 March, 16:12 UTC +/- 22 minutes (03.5N, 207.3E)
    >on the same pass. If #23887 survives, the last minutes of the reentry
    >could reached California.
    The guys at Sea Launch would have had a pretty neat show today: -
    >Sea Launch, the multinational, ocean-based launch services company
    >a successful lift off of the ICO F-1 satellite from its launch site at the
    >154 degrees West Longitude.
    >A Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket lifted the payload from the self-propelled
    >Odyssey Launch Platform at precisely 14:49 (GMT ).  Stage 1 separation was
    A launch followed by a decay less than 2hrs later.  Some people have all the
    Speaking of luck, or lack there of, strange how everything went quiet on the
    Sea Launch
    webcast prior to Stage 2 Sep at MET 09:04.  Aparently the TDRS telemetry
    relay was
    intermittent and then lost.  The American controllers seemed to want to keep
    the russians
    quiet but the russians kept asking for TDRS status before the webcast went
    No updates since..  Anyone got more info?
    Jason Gibson
    Melbourne Australia
    37.9803 S    145.0623 E    40m
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