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Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 17:41:46 PST

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    I have just subscribed to the SeeSat-L mailing list and here is some 
    information about me:
    My name is Bob Citron.
    I have been tracking satellites since Sputnik I and I was involved in the 
    Smithsonian Astrophysical Satellite Tracking(Baker-Nunn)program from 1957 to 
    1968. I photographed all of the early satellites during the late 1950's 
    through the late 1960's. I have just had built an astronomical observatory 
    with a 20 inch Schmidt Cassegranian telescope which is mounted on an 
    Archimage mount for satellite tracking as well as for astronomical CCD 
    imaging. I will to be making timed satellite observations, videotaping the 
    astronauts building the ISS during coming years,and searching for comets and 
    earth orbit crossing asteroids. My observatory should be fully operational 
    within the next month or two.
    I'm in the Pacific Time zone and my Latitude is 47.85771 deg N. and 
    Longitude is -122.20584 W.
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