Taurus/MTI launch trajectory for SKYMAP

From: Richard Baldridge (RBaldridge@Filss.com)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 09:37:56 PST

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    If you're in viewing range of launches from Vandenberg AFB in California and
    know how to use the Rocket Trajectory feature of Rob Matson's excellent
    SKYMAP program, below is a predicted trajectory that can be saved as a .TRJ
    file for this Sunday morning's launch (3/12).  The launch window is from
    1:22am PST to 1:52am. (9:22 to 9:52 U.T. March 12th).
    The trajectory file will not be PERFECT, but should be more than close
    enough for setting up cameras to point in the right direction, etc.  The
    trajectory was based on many "assumed" parameters of the launch that I had
    no confirmed facts for.  Since I did not know the launch facility to be
    used, I chose South Vandenberg and picked a point near (but not on)  SLC-6
    which is probably not correct but should be close enough.  The MTI payload
    was listed as "sun-synchronous" which implies an inclination close to 97
    degrees, so I chose a launch azimuth of 188 degrees.  From TAURUS launch
    info I gathered on the Web, IF launched from South Vandenberg, there would
    not be a need for a dog-leg maneuver, so a straight-line trajectory was
    plotted.  Lastly, the TAURUS vehicle has at least two distinct ascent
    profiles available, with a "Direct Ascent" profile being the most likely
    used for this mission which was used for the trajectory file below. 
    0 34.577 -120.639 0.00
    52 34.399 -120.6695 20.0
    81 34.082 -120.723 38.915
    155 32.151 -121.043 113.038
    167 31.688 -121.118 127.863
    247 27.890 -121.700 216.812
    635 7.160 -124.35 461.420
    Anyone within viewing distance of the launch who does not have or know how
    to use SKYMAP, I offer to produce a CUSTOM PLOT of the trajectory as viewed
    from your location.  I need simply your LAT, LONG (and Elevation if > 1km)
    to generate a plot which will be E-mailed back as a .JPG attachment.  Please
    make requests TODAY if possible (3/10) before 3pm PST.
    N37.262 W121.977 Campbell, CA
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