SatSpy & Eccentric Objects

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 12:46:28 PST

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    >Overall the program is excellent IMHO, and I'm still exploring it. Trying to
    >figurte the best way to search for eccentric objects at the moment. I love
    >to catch the high flyers at perigee at sunset.
    Mike McCants puts out a file of eccentric (orbit wise) objects.  I typically
    look at Molniyas but am starting to observe IUS and Centaur objects as well.
    Most of these are at inclinations around 26 degrees.
    I use Skymap which works very well.  Of course anything that works for you
    is just as good.  
    It would be interesting to see an eccentric object near perigee but since
    Molniyas have their perigee in the southern hemisphere, that won't happen.
    Should you find something that has a perigee good for USA observers, post
    a message since I don't usually scan for such objects.
    Ron Lee
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