Another beginner: help please.

From: Charles Eltham (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 22:24:34 PST

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    LIke Mike Bevan, I am also new both to this list and to satellite watching,
    although I have been an amateur astronomer for 25+ years (usually looking at
    stuff that really doesn't move that quickly!). It's good to have my interest
    in the night sky renewed.
    I would appreciate some help.
    This morning, I was out in my garden appreciating very clear seeing, when I
    saw two satellites crossing paths in Leo at exactly 5.32 GMT. Both around 5
    magnitide, one travelling almost exactly N to S, and the other almost
    exactly S to N. They appeared to pass each other to within around 1 degree.
    Although neither object appeared to flash, the object travelling S very
    briefly flared.
    Hope someome can enlighten me re. identification.
    Charlie Eltham
    9 Princes Road
    GL50 2TX
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