Obs 30 March + Reentry Question

Tue, 30 Mar 1999 23:36:48 EST

Hello Everyone.

Landsat 4 flared to a -2 mag in a low elevation (~20 deg) pass tin the NNE.
At 00:40:24 (UTC, 31 March) it was a -2 mag and it remained visible at 1x
until 00:41:22.  

Iridium 65 gave a brilliant flare that seemed more like a -8 mag as opposed to
the predicted -5.  The flare occurred at 01:07:44, there was no secondary

Superbird A (20040) began flashing at 03:21:18 UTC (31 March).  Flashing
continued until nearly 03:25.   The magnitude of the flashes were about +3.5.

While I waiting for Spot 3 to exit from eclipse, I observed an orange colored
"fireball" moving from the approximate location of gamma UMi (25az, 35 el) to
the right of (eta?) Draco (40az, 25 el).  The time was 01:44:05 UTC +/- 5
seconds 31 March.   It seemed to be moving slower than the typical green
streak meteors that I commonly see and about as fast as an object near decay
(MSTI 2 came to mind).

Although I believe that it was probably a meteor, I was wondering if there
were any candidates for reentry for that time. 

Don Gardner  39.1796 N, 76.8419 W, 34m ASL
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