re: Sea Launch payload

Philip Chien (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 01:50:15 -0500

Philip Chien <> said:

>no.  It's a pure dummy mass simulator.  I believe this was the test article
>which Hughes built for their new HS-702 satellites as a mockup.  It's
>completely inert and will just be a block in orbit.

Your wrong Phil!

I talked with the SeaLaunch folks today and while they were busy partying,
they were sober enough to answer a couple of questions.  The simulator was
built by Boeing to simulate a HS-702 payload's mass characteristics.

It does not have any transmitting equipment or transponders, so once it was
ejected it became a dead mass in orbit.

I knew I'd finally catch Phil Chien making a mistake sooner or later!

(hmm, maybe I should rethink this post ...)

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