Re: Computerized Telescope Satellite Tracking

Brad (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 00:27:32 -0800

Ron Lee wrote:
> Has anyone besides that smart guy from the US East coast (Ron D) used
> satellite tracking software for telescopes to find and track objects?
> I am aware of the C-Sat software for the Meade.  Does a similar program
> exist for the Celestron?  Has anyone used said software/telescope such
> that you can provide an honest assessment?

I've been using C-Sat with an 8" LX200 for a few months now and am
extremely happy with it.  I've been able to observe as many as 54 sats
in an evening, most of which were not visible with binoculars, at least
from my light-polluted location (Los Alamitos, CA, near Los Angeles). 
The predictions are accurate as most sats are well within the field of
view and within a second or so of the predicted time.  I don't think any
such software exists for Celestron scopes.

Regarding the new ETX, the User Manual for it can be downloaded from
Meade's web site at and is pretty informative.  The
Autostar computer controller connects to a PC COM Port for downloading
new elements, but it can also be used with telescope control software
such as The Sky, Starry Night, etc., and presumably C-Sat.  This means
that even if the built-in sat program doesn't work out for whatever
reason, you should be able to hook up a laptop and run C-Sat to get the
desired results.  Check with Meade to make sure, but that's what it
sounds like to me.

-Brad Feinner