RE: Wanted: 1998 launch table

Philip Chien (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 23:07:07 -0500

"Barhorst L.J.C." <> said:

>Floridatoday provides a list of all launches.
>Go to
>In the Next Launch section is a link to the launchlist of 1999
>In the archives you can find  the lists for preceding years.
>The also list the basic orbital data such as height, inclination

The Florida Today list is far from complete, in particular it doesn't list
many Russian launches, and also misses many secondary payloads.  It's quite
good for U.S. launches and Ariane launches though.

I've found the most reliable list to be Jonathan's Space Report at -

Also, NASA HQ has a list which is fairly accurate for the launches, but
neglects some of the secondary payloads (BTW - I've always felt that the
best way to hide a really classified satellite would be attached to a
vehicle's upper stage, as a secondary payload on another satellite, or as
part of debris clouds.)  What's interesting about the NASA HQ site is they
include information on the classified payloads, presumably based on
industry speculations as opposed to actual information.

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