re: Tracking satellites with Meade ETX-90 EC

Philip Chien (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:46:43 -0500

Dave Mullenix <> said:

>Meade has a new telescope out, the ETX-90 EC.  It's a cute little 90mm
>scope on a battery operated motorized mount which sells for $595.00.  It
>can also be used with Meade's new Autostar #497 computerized controller,
>which lists at $149.95.  See for details.
>This computerized controller is supposed to find and track satellites as
>well as conventional astronomical objects like the moon, planets, stars,

The key question is whether or not you can update the elements yourself.  I
would be very concerned if the data was in a proprietary format which may
or may not be supported in the future.

The other question is what satellites are in the database.  It's quite
possible rocket bodies and debris may be left out as 'uninteresting'.  More
important is the satellites which may or may not exist where the elements
don't come from OIG.

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