Jason E Felton (andromedus@juno.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:04:31 -0500

 	I need some help on where I should look for an Iridium flare
scheduled for tonight.  I'm not sure how to use the azimuth and
elevation.  Here's the info I got from the gsoc website:
 March 23       7:22:50 pm	Mag  -1	Elevation   61 degrees	
 Azimuth   160 degrees South        Mirror angle   1.6 degree.
 Another flare that I got had essentially the same info except that 
Elevation is 25 degrees, the azimuth is 15 degrees North, and the 
 angle is 1 degree.  Where should I look for that one?
 Thanks in advance.
	Jason			Lat: 42 N      Long: 86 W

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