Re: Intelsat 5-1 R/B flasher

Jason Hatton (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:20:20 +0100 (MET)

Matson, Robert wrote:
> While looking for GEO flashers last night, a very slow-
> moving bright flasher caught my eye.  I timed eight
> consecutive flashes (7 periods) at 39.50 +/- 0.2 secs
> for a period of 5.64 +/- .03.  I positively identified
> it today using SkyMap as Intelsat 5-1 R/B (#12497,
> 81050B).

This is an Atlas-Centaur R/B, most of which are good flashers & easily
visible in small telescopes & binoculars out to ranges of 10,000km or more.
There is a page on observing these objects on the Visual Satellite
Observers Home Page (,
with data on the flash charactersitics of individual objects.
Unfortunately, the data is a little out of date (I last updated it in April
98), but I plan to provide an updated set of data on observable Atlas
Centaur, Atlas I & Atlas II R/B's in the next few weeks.

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