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Philip Chien (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:39:34 -0500

Kevin Fetter <> said:

>Here is mike's search orbit for milstar 1, so anyone help me try and find
>this satellite. I did a photographic search due to the fact I have no idea
>of what the inclination of milstar 1 is,

I *believe* it's a true geostationary satellite (inclination zero).  When
Milstar 2 was launched there was a demonstration setup with communications
through Milstar 1.  I kidded that if I hadn't known the location of the
satellite before - then it would be easy to calculate by looking at where
the antenna was aimed!

I seem to recall that it was a fixed antenna which would imply a zero
inclination for the satellite.  In any case the thing is HUMONGOUS so it
should be one of the brightest steady objects at GEO.

>Milstar 1
>1 22988U 94009A   99068.36595498 -.00000024 +00000-0 +00000-0 0 00619
>2 22988 000.0125 275.8073 0002204 044.4392 217.3225 01.00273656001154
>Here is some picture of what milstar 1 and milstar DFS 2 located at 4
>degees east look like.

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