Kevin Fetter (kfetter@geocities.com)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 09:50:30 -0500

I observed a almost double iridium flare last night, First iridium 41 had a
predicted -3.2 flare then iridium 77 about two minutes later had a -8.5
flare, it had to be close to that value as it was very bright. Since
iridium 77 didn't have a MM = 14.342, but 14.55106490 , I am now going to
look for any iridium flare predicted for a satellite that doesn't have a MM
of 14.342

I also did a photgraphic search last night for the us military
communications satellite Milstar 1 (22988) which is parked at 120 west
longitude using a search orbit by Mike McCants. 

Since there has been talking about the age of satellite observer's, I am a
"young" satellite observer, only 25 years old and have been watching
satellites for 4 years. I started to observe satellite's after I got
internet access, before that I never even saw a satellite. I remember
reading how one satellite observer had to do the calculations by hand,
before the modern computer.

Looks like there might be a new satellite with a red color in the sky, to
join erbs and the lacrosse satellites. The new satellite will be IKONOS 1
to be launched in april. I was looking at a picture of it, and some of it
is covered in Kapton, the stuff used for thermal blanketing. 


44.6062 N
75.6910 W